About Us

Hog Roast SOuthend-On-SeaGood catering requires a good relationship between customer and caterer, so why not learn a bit more about who Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea are. With a better understanding of ourselves comes better opportunity and better comfortability with each other – which all in all means even better roasts for you!

A Story of Drive and Passion

Being the number one caterer with stylish hog roasts and unforgettable service didn’t just happen all in one day. Our story stretches across decades with a sustained growth throughout, pushed on by our drive for innovations and ingenious design in our catering capabilities. The current roasting capabilities just did not fit our ambitious needs, and so we went about sourcing old machines, stripping them for parts, and crafting his very own hog roast machine that could withstand on the road catering as well as being versatile and vast enough to cook plenty of foods at once.

The answer came in our Titan hog roast machine which we still us variants of today. This robust piece of art allowed us to cook up a storm and take exceptional hog roasts all across the nation, Hog Roast Southend-On-Seabeginning the titan enterprise that would come to be Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea. Now, well over 30 years since Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea has gone from strength to strength, bringing exceptional bespoke catering all across the nation with our fleet of franchises and catering teams up and down the country. Our aim continues to be just that of Stephen’s way back when – to push catering into new and exciting directions with the strength of our resolve and creativity. Quite simply, we won’t rest until everyone is loving our hog roasts not just in Southend, but across the UK!

Fine Dining For All

Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea are the prime caterers for stylish dining in Southend. We provide a different type of way to dine for your events. When you go around the catering block you tend to recognise many of the same types of menus delivering the same stock tastes and foods, but with Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea you have an entirely unique way to enjoy your most cherished celebrations and events in life.

The hog roast is an exceptional dish, bringing style, spectacle, and superb tastes all in one. For your event we’ll get set up before or early in your event to give our hog roast the required time to reach its perfect taste. Hog Roast Southend-On-SeaYes, with Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea you’re not going to be getting the cheap tricks oven quick ready oven meals or prepared sandwiches and the like. Our foods are cooked fresh during your event to ensure that they are at the utmost of quality when it comes time to serve. The proof is right in front of you since you’ll be able to see our chefs at work cooking up your hog roast and myriad of other meaty delights, veggie and vegan mains and sides, salads, vibrant meat and cheese platters and the like!

As well as seeing exactly how your food is prepared we can let you know just where your food has come from in the first place. Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea is a product of local industry and community, so we like to give back to that when we can. Not only does that include our corporate catering to our dear local business partners, it includes the way in which we source our meats and foods. We know that British farming is the best, so we always source our best pigs from the best farms and stocks in the country, and usually as close to where we are operating as we can. We believe that better ingredients of course make for a better final product, and our high demands need to be satisfied always – and with these local stocks they usually are!

Your Caterer Today

Catering is all about you. It is your event, so get the foods and services you want. Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea works personal to you to deliver exactly what you want to your own budget. By working with us continually we’ll be able to build up a stronger relationship too, meaning better repeat service in the long run.

Our customers impress us again and again with their loyalty, and we do all we can to return to the favour!