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Hog Roast Southend-On-SeaHog Roast Southend-On-Sea

We all love a good party from time to time here in Southend-On-Sea, don’t we. It is only here, where the longest pleasure pier in the world resides, that you can truly live life up to its fullest Southend-On-Sea style. And thankfully now, for your most stylish and celebratory events around Southend you have the premium event catering services of Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea to help you keep the party going!

Speciality Dining For Southend Events

As our name might suggest, Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea is a specialist event caterer bringing the traditional hog roast to your events around town. After more than 20 years cooking up this incredible British classic, we here at Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea truly believe that it is the best dish for event dining. Not only is a hog roast just a simply incredible tasting dish, but its traditional style of cooking also makes for one hell of a show too for your event. It’s a must-see cooking event all of its own!

The hog roast dates back centuries, but its brilliance is no less now as it was way back in the grand old days of knights. This dish would have been used for many celebratory feasts, with whole villages amassing around the fiery spectacle of the spit roast. It is simple in concept but oh so brilliant in practice.

Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea

Here at Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea we have retained that traditional and simple brilliance with our hog roasts, whilst adding one or two modern flourishes to it. Our own designed mobile hog roasters are self-contained units that are easily packed up and set up, recreating that old rotisserie style of hog roasting in a far more efficient and easy manner. You get all the benefits without any of the hassle!

Plus, our Hog Master and Titan machines are incredibly versatile, with capacity for a bunch of different roasts and foods to cook all at once. We can spit roast, barbecue, and grill all at the same time, ensuring that you get a vast feast of exceptional foods for your event! It is stylish roast dining made easy for you, so get aboard the Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea train today.

Bespoke Catering Made Easy

Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea is all about you! It is your event, so get the exact foods and services you want. When calling all we’ll need to know is a little bit about your event like the types of tastes you are going for and Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea’s expert catering team can then go about crafting you a variety of service and menu packages that we believe will fit. Our services cover all manner of events – nothing is too much or too little for us. We do it all. Weddings, corporate hospitality, private parties, anniversary dinners, formal, informal, outdoor, indoor – you name it, Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea will serve it.

Our hog roast specialities is always a dish best served outdoors, perhaps under a marquee or in a big garden, but there is little reason that we cannot take our services indoors too. After all, we know how tempestuous British weather can be!

Hog Roast Southend-On-SeaHog Roast Southend-On-Sea is labelled as a premium event catering service, because our foods and our service quite simply is just that. However, don’t let that put you off if you think premium level service is going to rack up the costs, because our services come affordable and flexible to your budget! We’ll offer you a variety of free quotes at different service levels, so that you can pick the right one for you. Plus, no matter the price Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea still guarantees the same excellency of service and dining. It’s a no-lose scenario!


Top Ingredients, Top Dining At Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea

At Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea we are food lovers most of all. That means we put a lot of demand into the quality of meats and foods that we serve. You won’t get anything that we ourselves as big foodies wouldn’t be happy with. We ensure quality sourcing from some of the best local stocks and farms in the area. With these local pigs our chef team can get even better tastes and textures in their roast – and believe us when we say that they themselves have very high expectations of their own dishes, so we need to supply them with the best!

We have a range of dishes for you to enjoy. Of course our hog roast is the favourite child of the family, but we have so many other brilliant meats, veggie and vegan mains and more!

Come to Hog Roast Southend-On-Sea to get the foods you want with the stylish service you deserve today!